About Us

At Wolf Wolf we are all about stories and adventures! Each season we want to take you with us to explore a new destination and make a new friend!

As soppy as it sounds, Wolf Wolf was started in 2013 as a love-story between film-makers Waldemar Coetsee and Marle' Drotsky. Drotsky soon became Coetsee and 4 years later, little baby Wolfgang joined our pack.

Each season you can look forward to a new Wolf Wolf storybook - written & illustrated by the storytellers themselves – that teaches little Wolfies all about community building, new places, solving problems and making new friends.

Together with your book you can spoil your little one with CLOTHING, ACCESSORIES and TOYS, ALL INSPIRED by the Wolves' newest destination.

Although our Wolves travel far and wide, our products are all PROUDLY PRODUCED IN SOUTH AFRICA, in our workroom in Linden, Johannesburg.

We are filled with absolute passion and vision as to how we can grow a company that provides a growing number of sustainable jobs, training and an empowering company culture. If we can achieve that, we will be lucky to be able to HOWL from our tree-house rooftop that each and every customer has been and will hopefully continue to be a part of our biggest adventure yet!

We aim to GIVE YOU AN EXPERIENCE with our brand, not just a product. Even though we take pride in every product, from concept & design to printing and trims, we believe it's the MEMORY and NOSTALGIA that stories, toys and FAVOURITE pieces of clothing can bring, that will make your purchase worthwhile, time after time.

We would like you to BECOME PART OF OUR ADVENTURE, but we would also love to be PART OF YOURS.