Wolf Wolf has been part of the local baby and toddler clothing scene since 2013. This was when we all hung out baby and craft-markets and thought we were just the coolest thing since the invention of cronuts. 

A few years down the line and film-makers Marle & Waldemar (now also parents) had embedded Wolf Wolf as a firm favourite for anyone looking for original, quality clothing for babies and toddlers. 

Wolf Wolf is in the process of becoming one of South Africa's first merchandised kids brands with our original South African characters.  All our products are split between in-house production and outsourcing to a South African factory, which keeps our feet firmly and proudly on South African soil.

Available via our website as well as Takealot.com, Wolf Wolf is a customer-centric brand who wants to always be learning and growing with our customers' needs and expectations. 

Check us out on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @wolfwolfkids and keep us on our toes! 

Howling Love!

The Wolf Wolf Team