Essential Baby Clothes To Buy

Cotton singlets

Singlets (or singlet suits) are essential in all sizes. In winter they help insulate baby against the cold and keep their chest nice and warm. In summer they might be the only item of clothing your baby wears (not in the direct sunlight of course though – make sure you’re always sunsafe!)


The most practical item in baby’s wardrobe. Warm (but not too warm), easy to put on, easy to take off for nappy changes and, of course, very cute. Buy some with feet and some without as sometimes baby will still ‘fit’ into the growsuit except for the feet. Onesies without feet are also less slippery for an older baby who is learning to walk.

Essential items for a newborn:

• Singlets x 5 (or, even better, singlet suits – as they don’t ride up!)
• Short-sleeved bodysuits (can be used under clothes in winter)
• Long-sleeved growsuits (you’ll still need one or two even if your baby is born in summer)
• Socks x 3