How to size baby clothes

How do you buy clothes for someone you haven’t met yet?

How do you shop when you don’t know what size your baby will be? And how do you buy practical clothing when you’ve never had a baby before?

We hope our ultimate guide to buying baby clothes – with tips on baby clothes sizes, what to buy and must-have items – will help you shop for baby!

Baby Clothes – Size Guide

So what size clothes will you need for your new baby?

Below is a general guide to baby clothing sizes although keep in mind that all babies grow at different rates and, like us grown-ups, have different body shapes and sizes. Also clothing sizes will differ slightly from brand to brand.

Size 00000

This size is for very small and premature babies (about 2kg). It is unlikely that a full-term baby would need 00000 clothes so no need to buy this size if you expect to make it to 40 weeks or close enough. If you do have a small or premature baby then head to the shops or online – many popular brands make baby clothes in 00000.

Size 0000

This size is for newborns (around 3kg) but don’t go overboard buying an entire wardrobe in this size before your baby is born. You may end up with a 4kg+ newborn and a drawer full of 0000 clothes that never see the light of day. Buy a few clothes in this size but only the basics (singlets, growsuits etc). Even if your newborn is 3kg or so they’ll be out of 0000s within a month or two.

Size 000

This size is generally for babies up to 3 months old or around 6kg. Buy comfortable clothes (growsuits are great) that will do up at the front and allow easy access to nappies as you’ll still be doing quite a lot of nappy changes.

Size 00

This size is for babies up to and around 6 months old (about 8kg). They’ll probably wear this size for a bit longer than the others. Clothes in 00 size will probably be the first lot of clothes your baby will make a mess of as this will be the age he starts on solid food and begins to explore the house – rolling/commando crawling/crawling. Might be a good idea to invest in some ‘play clothes’ in this size (go op-shopping for some cheap clothes that you won’t mind them destroying!)

Size 0

Size 0 clothes are generally made for babies up to and around 9 months old. Again, these are likely to get a good workout as baby starts crawling/walking/eating solids so it is good to have a few more in this size. Look for clothes don’t get in the way of your little one as they are learning to crawl and walk. It is a good idea to stick with leggings, long pants and shorts for girls as dresses and skirts tend to get a bit tangled up when they’re learning to crawl.

Size 1

Size 1 clothes are made for babies aged around 12 months old. This is a fun age to buy clothes! They’ll be walking, or starting to, so you can start buying dresses and skirts for your little girl. Plus as they say ‘goodbye’ to crawling you can say ‘goodbye’ to the dirty and torn knees of the size 0 clothing. Babies at this age are still messy little things so have plenty of ‘play clothes’ that you don’t mind seeing covered in mud or with watermelon dribbled all down the front.