At Wolf Wolf we are passionate about....well... babies of course!!!

We cannot produce baby clothing for the babies fortunate enough to be able to wear designer clothing, without keeping in mind that there are babies, innocently born into the world, that have to go home from hospital in a black plastic bag.

As dramatic as that sounds, that is the reality we face at many public hospitals in South Africa.

In comes amazing NGO's like The Grace Factory, who's mission it is to make sure that less fortunate and orphaned children also get offered the dignity of at least one set of clean clothing.

With their Maternity Packs, they make sure that less-fortunate new mothers get a blanket, a set of clothing, a beanie, some diapers & other baby essentials as well as mom-necessities like maternity pads.

We so excitedly Instagram our hospital bags and plan what baby is going to wear when going home, whilst there are moms that can't even provide a blanket for their most precious little baby. Say what you will about people's life choices, but there are women in South Africa with situations we will never even be able to comprehend. And no matter what the situation, every little life deserves at least a warm blanket to shelter them from the world.

In 2017, The Grace Factory approached the Wolf Wolf flagship store in Linden as a DROP-OFF POINT for new and used baby clothing, blankets and any other essentials they can add to their maternity packs.

We instantly said yes!

Not only had we been looking for some way to give back, but this was also just a few weeks after I gave birth to Wolfgang and the emotions of childbirth(plus all the physical attributes post-birth) was still fresh in my mind (and body). My heart bled as I was told of new mums with not even a blanket to wrap their precious newborn in and take them home. I thought of the months of getting ready for Wolfgang, the meticulous purchasing of baby essentials, not realizing how fortunate I was to be able to fret about which of our many blankets we would wrap him in for the perfect “going-home” pictures, whilst there were mothers – who loves their babies just as much as I love mine – that literally don't even have the means to THINK of something special for their child.

Donating your child/children's old clothing is such an easy way of getting involved in making a huge difference to others' lives . So, if you are ever in the Randburg, Johannesburg area, please feel free to drop off any baby items (new and old). If you are not in the Joburg area and would like to courier parcels, our address is:

Wolf Wolf Shop
Cnr 4th Avenue & 5th Street

As an added bonus to you feeling o so good for your good deed, we also give you a 10% DISCOUNT VOUCHER (instore or online) for your next Wolf Wolf purchase!
(So if you're sending a parcel, don't forget to add your name & contact details!)

You can find out more about The Grace Factory on their website:
OR on their Facebook Page: The Grace Factory